The bad thing about HBO is that it replays a bunch of the same movies over a set period of time, so watching HBO means seeing the same movies over and over again.

The good thing about HBO is that it’s currently replaying Forrest Gump and I’ve probably watched it every other day since I found it.

remember when i complained about math

sure it was yesterday

and sure, i still suck



why do i suck at math so bad like really i’ve been in school for a week and i’m already lost wtf wtf wtf

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2 years ago

My mom likes to text me while I’m driving to drive safely.

Like, why, Mom? Is this a test?

I am always going to be lost

I will forever be the kid who needs a map and a friend to get around school because honestly, I got lost SO often today and being lost while driving is one of the freakiest feelings ever and my mom and grandma SPECIFICALLY had to tell me not to freak out while driving but it still happened - I suck

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I don’t have a single class before 1PM until Thursday, but that’s because of a bio lab so it’s expected. And I don’t have gaps that run on for hours so I’m at school four hours out of my day - except for that Thursday but that’s because of that bio lab too and that’s a six hour day. I’m either a wonderful planner or a lazy idiot

But that’s whatever because I’m going to WORK LIKE CRAZYYYY >:( bring it on

things i need to do

why is college starting already can i have another week like i don’t understand 

and i’m under the assumption that listing this online will somehow motivate me to finish any of this

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Sometimes I forget that I graduated from high school and that I’m starting college in a few weeks. I’m so used to summer that responsibilities feel surreal and I don’t want to get back to worrying about school or thinking about the future. I just want to live in this moment and this moment only.

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2 years ago

Part of me wants to clean my room and organize what I need to do this week

and the other part of me wants to sit around in my filthy room with self-pity and angst. 


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